Individual further measures - you decide what you need

Find the puzzle pieces that are still missing.

Services-Measures - organisation & culture

Talent management consists of many puzzle pieces. In every company, therefore, the potential for optimisation lies in a different area. In close collaboration with you I will find the right approach and the right HR instruments.

An analysis of the current situation will indicate further fields of action in which I am happy to assist you. You decide which of the missing puzzle pieces you want to address and prioritise.

For example, if you see a need for change in the area of organisation & culture, you could choose the following measures:

employee survey to reveal potential for improvement

development of corporate mission statement and values

leadership development towards a culture that empowers and promotes the team members ("growth mindset")

ensuring seamless company-wide communication, especially on strategy, the strategic contribution of each area, and the current status of implementation

employee-friendly redesign of HR processes and regulations