Unsure how to convince a new employer of yourself?

Use my insider expertise from 20 years of international personnel management
and 3,000 job interviews for your success!

Convincing CV and cover letter

Your CV and cover letter are your self marketing documents. But it’s not that easy to put yourself in the best possible light!

This is where I come in to help. Via video conference we will discuss and highlight your experiences and talents and present them convincingly. In German or English – as you need it!

We will also check whether you have already thought of all possible application channels and, for example, if you are using social media to your advantage.

If you wish, I will also review your job references so that you know exactly what is hidden behind the standard clauses. Or draft a reference for you that you can submit to your last employer if the topic is still open.

Preparation for your job interview

Together we simulate a job interview via video conference. You will get to know the standard procedure and practice the best choice of words for a convincing self-presentation in which you can remain completely authentic.

We also practice how you can find good answers to tricky questions and not sell yourself below your value out of sheer excitement.

In addition, I will give you valuable tips for a winning appearance and what else you can do to make a positive impression.

Career reorientation coaching

Via video conferencing, I will apply coaching techniques to find out which alternative career paths seem attractive to you. In parallel we will do a reality check.

Then we will rebuild your application papers and form a common thread that offers a logic for your career change.

I will also advise you on which steps you can take to optimize your chances for a new position. And encourage you to overcome the occasional setback.

You can book the entire range of services on an hourly basis – according to your requirements. After our informative first call, I will give you an estimation of how much time you should expect. My hourly rate is 120 euros – an investment that is worthwhile for life and is also tax deductible.

Grab it and contact me:

Inken Schneider


Frankfurt, Hessen, Deutschland