Talent Management -
find, retain and strategically develop employees

Your approach to overcome labour shortage and improve retention.

Your areas of interest

  • You stand for a forward-thinking small or medium-sized company. That is why you would like more transparency about how well and future-proof your workforce is. Also in the distant branches, maybe even abroad.
  • You want to keep your valuable employees and their know-how in the company.
  • You would like suggestions on what else you can do as an employer to attract qualified applicants.
  • You want your employees to behave like entrepreneurs, i.e. to act proactively and responsibly. And more agile than in the past.
  • You know that demographics will lead to a shortage of specialists and executive staff. But you simply do not have enough time to take countermeasures yourself and could use the help of an expert.

My offer

I have three basic starting points for your topics:

Recruitment optimization

improve employer branding, ensure an application management with a positive "candidate experience", use alternative recruiting channels ...

Personnel development

create a talent portfolio, determine employees’ potential, prepare career plans, define on-the-job development activities, plan succession for critical positions ...

Advancing your corporate culture

conduct employee survey as a starting point, renew definition of leadership, set up corporate mission statement, make time and place of work more flexible, create an agile organization ...

Many of these puzzle pieces for your talent management are bound to be successful because your employees will also benefit from them: through more interesting tasks, more autonomous working methods and more focus on their professional development.

Your benefit

  • In me you have an experienced sparring partner and advisor with 20 years of HR management know-how both nationally in Germany and internationally. We will together reflect on existing and new ideas and find suitable solutions. I understand you.
  • You will benefit from professional analysis tools and my systematic, pragmatic approach. This gives you a quick overview of where you can still tap potential. I will pinpoint your need for action.
  • You will receive specific action plans that you can either implement independently or with my support. I will accompany you until you achieve visible results.
  • You will finally get a jump start help for important topics that you have wanted to tackle for a long time but have kept postponing. I will energize you.